What do you crave?

What do you crave?

The other day I woke up craving donuts. This is not a usual craving for me so it struck me kind of weird. It makes me wonder why we crave the things we crave. In this case, I’m convinced its because I’ve been eating junk since thanksgiving. The body is weird like that. It will crave what we tell it to crave. No one likes their first sip of black coffee yet millions have trained their bodies to wake up longing for that taste and the effects that come with it (me included!) 

What’s more is that our cravings are not limited to our physical sense of taste. We have cravings that involve things, relationships, places and more. There are those who crave the beach, those who crave shopping and those who crave being away from civilization. These cravings work the same – we create them. Just a couple of months ago I was able to climb Mt Blanca in Colorado with good friends. Blanca is in a remote place that is tough to get to and even tougher to summit. However, it was an amazing time away from the city, with just a few friends, conquering a challenge. The weird part has been that since then I have craved going on another remote adventure with just a few good friends.  And you can bet I will do it again soon!

As we approach the New Year my goal is to create cravings for things that will push me toward good places.  This means that I will have to use some discipline to train myself so that I can wake up craving something better than donuts.  The key is to say yes to the things you know are working for your good long enough for those things to take root in who you are.  2013 will be a great one for you and me personally if we will start the year investing in what is right for us spiritually, emotionally, physically, relationally and financially!

Let’s do it!

Oh – and here is proof that we summitted Mt Blanca –  Mt Blanca Summit 2012