The Dallas Cowboys Lost Because of Christians

The Dallas Cowboys Lost Because of Christians

Let’s look at the recent Dallas Cowboys playoff loss from a Biblical perspective.

Part of our New Testament duty as Christians is to meet together for corporate worship.  Paul challenges us to not forsake coming together on Sundays, right?  So what is God to do when an entire region of His followers skipped church last Sunday because of the noon kickoff? Literally tens of thousands of would be church goers said no thanks to God and yes to Romo.

Do we really believe that we are “God’s Team?” I mean maybe we were at one point but that was for one reason and one reason only: Tom Laundry!  Back then you skipped church without punishment because Cowboys WAS church and God WAS watching through the hole in the roof.  Honestly people, there were earthquakes the week before the game at the site where Texas Stadium once stood. Oh no, make no mistake: God will punish the Cowboy Fan and that’s why the NFL slipped a disk during the replay challenge. Indisputable evidence?

Whatever bro.

People round here have some repenting to do.  And it’s not me because we do Church on Sunday nights. God was trying to reward us for our Sunday night faith by giving us a noon start.  Then you AM legions went out and chotched it all up and the next thing I know I am diagraming a “football move” to my hippy buddy on a legal pad trying to remember all my impressive high school football jargon from my glory days which happened to be about the same period as the Cowboys last Glory Days.  Coincidence?

So think about what you did, ask forgiveness and by all means go to church some this year. Unbelievable.