My name is Travis Matheny.  Let’s see… this might just be easiest if I tell you some of the roles I play that are important to me:

Son, Brother, Husband, Dad, Friend, Partner.  I have more amazing people in my life than any man could ever deserve.  That long list is topped by 3 beautiful blondes; my wife Lori – 1996, my daughters Madeline – 1998, and Clara – 2003.  I also help lead a house church community in Keller, Texas where we live.  We love to travel the world with the people we love to experience new things and get into as much heaven on earth as we can.

Leadership Consultant.  I have had the privilege to work in some amazing places across the World for such a (relatively) young man. I was a youth pastor for nearly 10 years and we took teenagers regularly to Africa and Central America. Soon after resigning from paid ministry I began teaching Christian church leaders at conferences throughout East Africa as well as several random countries God help me find my way to.  I now travel to Nairobi several times each year with Mission Barnabas to help lead conferences at their training facility there.  I teach practical theology, leadership strategies and organizational dynamics.  In 2012 I was also honored with an invitation to join the John Maxwell Team as a Founding Partner.  This allowed me to train with Dr. Maxwell face to face and enjoy some time together in his home. In 2013 the door opened for me to come on board as the Executive Director at Mission Barnabas and it is so fulfilling!

Brand Consultant. During my decade long hiatus from ministry (whatever that could possibly mean) I co-founded 3 media and branding companies with the help of an amazing partner, all going strong today: Digital Brand MakeoverLegacy Event Productions and Legacy Media Solutions.  It’s been a wild and mostly fun ride working with some fabulous businesses all over the US.  In addition to my work at Mission Barnabas, I still maintain a daily business life as the chief strategist at Digital Brand Makeover where I get to do the fun part (strategize with our clients) while our amazing team does all the real work of making it happen.  So if it seems like I do alot it is only because of the gifted teams of people I get to work with at both organizations.

So Lori and I have turned 2 degrees more hippy and 3 degrees more yoga the last few years.  But I am now over 40, and I can do whatever I want.  And right now I want to regularly blog my thoughts about God’s love and how it can be experienced and shared in these nutty times we are in. That plus some other stuff too.

I’m so sorry that was so long.  Bummer, man.

Team Maxwell