Losing Your Influence 101

Losing Your Influence 101

Whether you are a pastor or business owner (and I’ve been both) losing influence with your team is the sure fire way to make sure that your mission never gets realized.  But doing this is tricky because everyone on your team has a different personality, different passions and different motivations.  Making sure that none of them want to follow you is going to take a big effort so here we go.

First, you must make sure that they know 100% that you do not care about them.  Things like showing up and helping when they move, getting involved in their humanitarian work and remembering their kids names will get you nothing but support when you present new ideas.  And let’s face it,  team support for new ideas is the fuel for growth and that just won’t do.

Next, never . . . I mean never offer help when they are struggling.  The only thing this will do is communicate to them that you are willing to put your money where your mouth is.  If you have asked them to handle something just let them make as many mistakes as you did when you were learning it.  Don’t do anything stupid like offer them help that will cause them to look like a hero to the rest of the team.  This type of leadership will create a loyalty in them that you just don’t want to have to deal with.  They will stick with you no matter what . . . oh the thought!

Last, make sure that you break promises to core team members at least once a month.  Committing to do do something is much more important than actually doing it.  It makes you look great to talk big.  The follow through can’t really be expected from the top position, right?  When leaders follow through even in the small things they create a deep sense of trust among the team that can spread like wildfire.  This will produce team members willing to go the extra mile in every imaginable way, and that is how visions come to life in an organisation . . certainly nothing we’re after.

Trust me when I say that I have put every one of these principles to the test on multiple occasions and they work exactly as described every time.

I’m sure you will have the same organizational breakdown as soon as you start applying them.

Good luck!