Announcing The Actors Workshop: Nairobi

Announcing The Actors Workshop: Nairobi

Next week I will be back in Nairobi for the first time this year.  I will be accompanied by Josh Blann who is a professional actor, professor of drama, playwright and director. IMG_2191Josh and his wife Kim (and my main man Beckett) are good friends of ours and we have all been trying to woo Josh to Africa for years as he is the only one of the four of us who has not yet been.

This past fall Idah Alisha Upton, a professional actress from Kenya, was here with her husband.  They are also good friends of ours and we were hosting them while they were in the US.  Idah got to meet and spend some time with Josh while sitting in on one of his acting classes.  Then, Josh was invited to help produce a TED Talk event in Nairobi this summer and needed to get to Nairobi sooner than later.

So the stars aligned and I am proud to announce the (first of many) Actors Workshop: Nairobi.

All the details are below and if you are in Nairobi we would love for you to join us – just CLICK HERE for the Facebook Event Page.

The Actors Workshop