3 Reasons Why You Need to be Confused

3 Reasons Why You Need to be Confused

A mentor of mine once said to me that “confusion is extremely important.”. Which I really like because of how often I find myself confused. It’s true though. You see, there are really only four types of people when it comes to understanding something, understanding anything actually. There are those who understand, those who don’t, those who are confused and those who have stopped trying.

So here we go, three reasons why confusion is actually a good thing:

First off, confusion means that you are trying to grow, trying to become something more than you are right now. So if you’re confused today I say bravo. Earlier this week I was in Las Vegas for business. That place has an undeniable energy. Yet, it’s a bit sad. We saw people crying, passed out, angry, strung out, and much more. Trying to escape who you are leads to bad things and is an awful way to live. Becoming is far preferable to escaping, but it’s hard work. It requires discipline, faith and yes, confusion. The bible tells us that heaven has big plans for us if we are willing to follow even when we’re confused. That’s faith.

Second, confusion leads to discovery (if we don’t give up). Galatians 6 encourages us to keep at it so that we don’t miss out on the reward. When we arrive at a moment where we just don’t understand what’s going on it’s not time to press the “flip out” button. Instead, think of confusion as a reminder to yourself that you are on the verge of understanding if you stick it out. Frustration leads to anger and eventually quitting. Failure is just an experiment that let’s us discover a new way not to do it.

Third, confusion puts us in a position to ask for help and that’s actually a very powerful place to be. What happens when someone asks for your help? You feel empowered, needed, valuable. As John Maxwell says leadership is influence and what better way to gain influence with others than to help them feel needed and valued by asking for help? The only reason you have to sweat it out yourself is just so you can revel in the pride of not needing anyone. But all pride does is keeps us confused for longer than necessary. Humility is the fuel for enlightenment.

So, do something this week that will force you into confusion. It means that good stuff is headed your way!

Yours in confusion, Travis